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  • Magdalena
    With age, it has gained a lot of weight. It has become a plague on the pressure and appeared to side effects of the disease. He did not have the energy for a long walk. The doctors have recommended that you lose weight. I can't sit in the diet. Decided to go for it MultiSlim. After 2 weeks, the pounds started to drop. It has increased energy. I continue to drink it, as I do, to help.
  • Marek
    I am a huge fan of the diet-of-funds. I try to think about all of the news, because they are by nature lazy, and like to eat. So there you have it — maple syrup multislim I enjoyed it more than any of the others. The taste is pleasant, the side effects are not was a weight loss of about 7 pounds (without dieting)
  • Maciej
    I'm pretty sure that is a negative comment, j MultiSlim they come from the fact that the people did not follow the instructions in the app, or simply by buying false documents. I'm at the Tail MultiSlim in the course of 2 weeks. During that time, I was able to get rid of 8 pounds! I think that it is a success, because it's coming months of enhanced loads, it should be noted.
  • Karolina
    I have, since childhood, struggling with the extra pounds diet, in sports, only temporarily help you, so the weight is more of a time to come back. In order to compare the 25-year, an increase of 167 cm and I weigh 74 kg and, especially, haunted her mouth. The tail multislim it has helped me out during the month to replace the 9 lbs. It's a great achievement to have been the mouth, reduced stomach and hips. Until, that is, the weight does not come back!
  • Patrycja
    2 weeks with a mixture MultiSlim I've slimmed down to 7 kg! Thank you, I'm still in, and the dance went on. Far from ideal, but I don't feel like eating a candy-fair — enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
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