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Right now, the internet is full of stories about how people are losing weight that way. I have also decided to tell my story.

From early childhood I was a fat baby, touched her cheeks, and marvelled, as I'm pretty. But as time went on, and the parents continued to care for me, the pies, the cakes, the sweets.

When I first came to the school, and to me, he started to laugh, " I'm fat, fat, and a lot more. I came back to the house and started to cry. 7 out of the classroom, I started trying to lose weight, nothing at all would not eat it, but then it got bad and one time I ate it. After that, he tried to run, but from this I was even more teased. In high school I started to look at what is in the diet. On the part of the parents ' support, it was not, they thought, and I've got a growing body and to eat normally. However, the concept is very rich in calories.

When the series first began dating, I was a stay-at-home, as well as the floor wasn't anyone else. My life has been like this: the school - to- hell-the-house-of-food.

And here it is, my patience snapped, I decided that it was time to do something about it. I began to study the subject of weight loss, female, forums, and blogs. I was reading the comments on that how to lose weight:the person sitting in the provincial diets, and anyone on any of the super dietary supplements. And here is one of those products that has syrup for weight loss MultiSlim. I was interested in this tool, and found out that it is a powerful multi-phase fat burner all-natural, it is also useful, and has a user-friendly. From the reviews, I learned that the fat comes out in front of you and slows down. And, more importantly, its implementation is easy. Therefore, the doubts I had went away, and I decided to order it.

For the first time MultiSlim

I asked for the sauce on the official website, and in my opinion, even with a discount of -50%. The parcel I received it after 5 days. The packaging is a small tutorial on how to use it properly. Cool, this syrup can be mixed with any beverage. I mixed it with the yogurt, and saw it 2 times a day. Strictly follow the instructions.

The results MultiSlim photo after

I began to realize that once you have a yogurt MultiSlim you have already don't want to, it does not pull or even fresh, but it is so sweet, I like it very much, especially the cupcakes and the eclairs!

Already on the 5th day of pickup, I started to feel a little bit more light, the eye has become better, and even the teachers have noticed. From this point on, I started to keep track of the results. At the beginning I weighed in at 79 kilos, the belly and the thighs were huge.

My weight loss results in the tail MultiSlim

During the first 8 days I lost 5 lbs!!! Also I didn't understand how they get away from me!" It just felt that in the pants have become free.

For the second week, yet a minimum of 4 lbs!!! The weight is going up gradually, but I ate what I wanted to do. Here we have already begun to pay attention to a little bit of everything, and told me that this is the best I have made-if you look at the waist, appeared.

3 to 4 weeks less than 4 pounds. At the end of the 4 weeks, and 79 kg, and I weigh 62 lbs!!! Simply, it's unbelievable!

I finally got to wear a skirt, before getting all of his thick legs. I've stopped feeling ashamed of her body, and she began to go to parties. To me, there began to pay attention to their children. I will continue to take the pill to keep the weight off and tone up, and generally it is how much, and when you want. The weight that I have reached a stable state.